Monday, January 3, 2011

Wild Golden Eagle

mrsroadrunner A Wildlife, Nature Photographer, Oregon

I like birds, always have. You will find I have many shots of birds of all kinds.
This golden eagle was a character. First sighting of a golden eagle in the canyon for the both of us here.
I noticed the tree he was perched in just did not look right. We were coming up out of the canyon where we were watching the Bald Eagles fish.
This golden eagle did come out of no where to check us and the dogs out. Of course my camera was set up for the bald eagles..... This golden eagle really did startle us!
This is the first photograph I got of him,
Guy got the dogs into the truck so they would not follow me and I got this
This golden eagle was so comfortable with me there taking his photograph Guy thought he would come closer as well. Well, sorry to say this is when the eagle noticed him. See his posture stiffening up?
It has been my experience with these wild birds, specially the birds of prey that once they take this stance..... they are going take off flying. Now one thing that happens a lot is when the bird of prey takes off they try hard to get behind something. The tree they are perching on, or the telephone pole or something they try to hide behind. Not all the time is there anything to hide behind in our part of Oregon. This behavior I am to the point I am just waiting for it to happen.
The Golden Eagle was no different. At this point it would have done me no good to ask Guy to get back. The eagle had made up it's mind. I was fine, but for some reason Guy was not? This to me was interesting. I do not know how much closer I could have gotten to this Golden Eagle before he took off?? We will never know. But this is ok in my book for there will always be more eagles, more hawk more birds of prey.
So here are the shots of the Golden Eagle flying off at the link above.

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