Monday, January 3, 2011

Bald Eagle Fishing, Oregon

mrsroadrunner A Wildlife, Nature Photographer, Oregon More photographs at link.

We watched the Bald Eagles fishing for a while.
I understand I need a better tele lens than what I have now for such things as this. It will come.
I started out from the truck on the road. Looking down into the canyon I was not sure if I wanted to climb down but found myself doing it!!
Guy parked the truck basically just on the dirt road. Over to the side the best he could just so if people were around they could get by it. No where to park!
Soon Guy and the dogs were coming too, the dogs found me first of course!
We all made our way down into the canyon to the water.
Not only were the Bald Eagles fishing, other birds were as well.
Their were two adult Bald Eagles and a younger Bald Eagle. The younger one kept trying to take the older ones fish! Big fights ensued. If I did have have this stupid tree in my way!! So we moved locations so the tree would no longer be in my way, though we were in full sight of the eagles as well. So the young Bald Eagle took off out of sight.
It did appear that the Bald Eagles were curious as to what we were, and why we were there! They checked us out several times. Than the ducks, and other wildlife left. All three Bald Eagles took off to the other side of the canyon and that was that. To my understanding that side of the canyon belongs to the Warm Spring Indian Reservation, though I could be wrong. The older adults perched in the same tree, while the younger one went into a tree where he could hide from our view. We seen some of his white, but he was not to secure as the older ones were about us seeing him! It was pretty obvious that this younger Bald Eagle was not comfortable around people, or what the eagle did not understand.
Here are several photographs of one of the older Bald Eagles fishing.

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