Friday, April 29, 2011

House Finch Feeding Young Wildlife Photos

House Finch Feeding Young Wildlife Photos

I made my way outside as the sun was shining to sit in my chair.

With camera in hand my sons cat jumped the dogs fence and then on me to lay down in my lap.

All four of the dogs were very interested in what the cat was doing, as I was fearing the birds were not going to make their presents known with a cat on me!

But, I have been wrong before!

Several species of birds came to see what we were doing!

In the flower tree I captured this house finch feeding it's young.

It was just to cold out there to stay outside for long, so I came inside got these photographs off the camera to share with you.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

House Finch Stopped By

mrsroadrunner A Wildlife,Nature Photographer,Oregon

House Finch Stopped By

I have been seeing this house finch working on his nest. The female is not as easily identified as this male is.

I went on doing my own thing Friday until I seen this male land in the flowering tree.

He allowed me a couple shots.

These birds were sold back east in New York as caged birds. Gosh the 40's I think?? They were sold as Hollywood birds, or Hollywood finches.

The story goes when the state cracked down on these illegal sales, the birds were set free by the criminals who were selling them.

The eastern house finch was then established.

The brightness of the male depends on his food source so it is said. Both Guy and I were wondering what around here they would be eating to make themselves the red color. The tree this one is in is some sort of apple tree, not ripe at all. But maybe there is something within this tree that is edible to these birds? We thought they migrated south, which would answer the mystery since I am sure there are plenty of berries south?

Turkey Vulture Is Back, Central Oregon

Turkey Vulture Is Back, Central Oregon

Coralie aka Mrsroadrunner: turkey vulture &emdash; Turkey Vultures 188
The Turkey Vulture is not seen in Oregon all year around.
There are five sub species of the Turkey Vulture.
Our Turkey Vulture I believe is the Western Turkey Vulture, this sub species I have read is even broke down even further.
I read where at one point and time people thought the Vultures in general were a threat to livestock thus killed, this was found to be untrue and the facts are the Turkey Vulture not only smells out gas leaks in remote places that pipe lines are found, but clean up the expired animals so disease does not spread.
Not all Vultures can smell as the Turkey Vulture does for food. Other Vultures who do not have this keen sense of smell follow around the Turkey Vulture for a meal.
I have not read anything about our Turkey Vulture breeding in Oregon, however person experience investigating the cliffs and caves of Central Oregon we have came across these Vultures protecting the cliffs and caves of where we hiked. Protecting to the point of dive bombing Guy coming very, very close to him never touching him. I added in a couple of those photographs. The Turkey Vulture is not any kind of hunter, we just got to close is all. It was kind of funny! The Vulture startled us and you can see one of the mastiffs near Guy wondering what just happened. Notice there is a reason why Guy's hat has the hat tie attached..... These were taking last year 4/24/2010. The date is just a coincident . (Updated 9-2013 excluding one photograph of Guy who HATED that photograph! Fact of the matter is I did not update the two photographs below for they are in our personal photos).
Coralie aka Mrsroadrunner: turkey vulture &emdash; Turkey Vultures1 Coralie aka Mrsroadrunner: turkey vulture &emdash; Turkey Vultures2

I read where the Turkey Vulture are horrible nest builders. Guy was just saying if we hiked to where we were last year, those Turkey Vultures would more then likely be there in that same spot.
The Turkey Vulture is the most known Vulture to migrate therefor is protected by the migratory treaty act of 1918. These birds are protected, so I personally leave feathers I find or any parts of such a bird alone.
I have read the only ones to have such a bird in captivity are those birds who have been hurt and unable to return to the wild. I would think this consists of educational facilities, or any licensed facility who takes on such hurt birds? Otherwise illegal to own.
The young Turkey Vultures have gray heads. Since the ones I caught with the camera have the red heads I think these are all adults?
Coralie aka Mrsroadrunner: turkey vulture &emdash; Turkey Vultures 150 Coralie aka Mrsroadrunner: turkey vulture &emdash; Turkey Vultures 159 Coralie aka Mrsroadrunner: turkey vulture &emdash; Turkey Vultures 175 Coralie aka Mrsroadrunner: turkey vulture &emdash; Turkey Vultures 182 Coralie aka Mrsroadrunner: turkey vulture &emdash; Turkey Vultures 187 Coralie aka Mrsroadrunner: turkey vulture &emdash; Turkey Vultures 197

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

White-crowned Sparrow Stopped By

mrsroadrunner A Wildlife,Nature Photographer,Oregon

White-crowned Sparrow Stopped By

I just had a little friends stop by.

This little one seamed to be the boldest of them all and allowed me these photographs.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Who is going to get there own way?

Coralie aka Mrsroadrunner: Who is going to get there own way? &emdash; dogs playing 1934

Our mastiffs were actually playing at one of the lakes we were at.
They are just bigger then most dogs.
English Mastiffs are very good family dogs. They are protectors and do not need to tell anyone, or even show anyone they are. When adults they puff up like puffer fish.
Pound per pound they do not play rougher then other breeds of dogs, they are just big dogs.
The English Mastiff, or Old English Mastiff is a old breed of dog.
The males can weigh anywhere from 150- 250 pounds.The biggest English Mastiff to date was 345 pounds. He stood 35 inches at the shoulders and tip of his tail to the tip of his nose he was 8.25 feet long. I read where he was the size of a small donkey.
Our young boys are no where near that size! They are around 200 pounds. Big babies if you ask me!
Coralie aka Mrsroadrunner: Who is going to get there own way? &emdash; dogs playing 1935 Coralie aka Mrsroadrunner: Who is going to get there own way? &emdash; dogs playing 1940

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Male Yellow Headed Black Bird

mrsroadrunner A Wildlife,Nature Photographer,Oregon

Male Yellow Headed Black Bird

When I seen this Yellow Head Black Bird I was amazed with the color!

I did not know there was such a bird here in Oregon.

On Top of the World Ma!

mrsroadrunner A Wildlife,Nature Photographer,Oregon

On Top of the World Ma!

Guy and the puppies were taking in the view

of where we stopped the other day (March 28, 2010).

We hiked in to get this and other shots!

Notice the swing someone put up to swing over the cliff.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Baby Pacific Tree Frogs

mrsroadrunner A Wildlife,Nature Photographer,Oregon

Baby Pacific Tree Frogs

It is that time of the year!

The little pacific tree frogs are showing themselves.

They are about the size of the top of my thumb. Mind you my hands are small, but so are these just hatched frogs!!

Some are green, others are brown depending on where I find them.

They change to blend into their environment.

Some are so quick that a photograph can be entertaining to get!! They can jump quit far for such little things!

I think these little ones are as loud as the adults!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Cannon Beach Sunset

mrsroadrunner A Wildlife,Nature Photographer,Oregon

A Cannon Beach Sunset

Oregon Junko Bird Found A Seed mrsroadrunner A Wildlife,Nature Photographer,Oregon

mrsroadrunner A Wildlife,Nature Photographer,Oregon

Oregon Junko Bird Found A Seed

I was watching this Oregon Junko and noticed a seed nearby, glad he did too!

He picked it up, tried to swallow it and out the seed came!
Must either not have been a seed? Or to big for this junko to swallow?
Anyhoo I like to watch the birds do what they do if I was watching them or not.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Red Tailed Hawk In A Dive

mrsroadrunner A Wildlife,Nature Photographer,Oregon

Red Tailed Hawk In A Dive

This hawk is after something. I very much like taking photographs of wildlife in action.

This is a prime example of my love of birds. This hawk is very determined, you can see it!!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Walk Around The Cascades

mrsroadrunner A Wildlife,Nature Photographer,Oregon

A Walk Around The Cascades

The Cascade Mountains are named because of the cascades within them.

It is a treat to get to see a cascade that is full of water. These small waterfalls can be very fun!!

Very slippery, so be careful while I show you around!!

Now it is rather easy to take many photographs, you can see why cant you?

Oh, you might want to keep a eye on your dog too, dogs do get hurt on these!

So, lets get on with the photographs!

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  • Hawk
  • Mountain
  • Honeybee
Tagged Hawk
  • Tagged Hawk
Ferruginous Hawk
  • Ferruginous Hawk


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sisters Mountains and The Mule Deer

mrsroadrunner A Wildlife,Nature Photographer,Oregon

Sisters Mountains and The Mule Deer

Photographs like these do not come around a whole lot.

This is a set of photographs of the Mule Deer and Faith, Hope and Charity commonly known as The Sisters Mountains.

Everyone who follows me knows how I feel about nature and wildlife and to get these photographs I am rather tickled.

At the right place, and the right time.

These Mule Deer know the canyon is right there. If they do run they have to run either right or left. The trick is to keep the Mule Deer calm, as you take the photographs. At least calm long enough to get the shots off you want.

Some of the older Mule Deer were more interested in eating then what I was doing. I stayed far enough away from them that they just kept doing what they were doing. The younger mule deer did not know what to do?

The younger ones look to the older ones for what to do.

In one of the shots you can see two young mule deer, one of these young is hiding behind the older mule deer.

The Sisters Mountains are a set of three mountains. Middle, South and North Sister. The Middle Sister Mountain hides behind the North Sister, she is bashful HAHA! In all the photographs but one you can see the Middle Sister hiding, peeking her head out far enough to see what is going on.

The Sisters Mountains our part of our Cascade Mountain range. They are volcanoes, rumor has it they are active. Climbing the Sisters Mountain you maybe be able to say you have climbed over 10,000 feet, not sure how many reach the top??

The Sisters Mountains have 15 known glaciers among them. The whole state of Oregon has 35, so this is a good portion of our glaciers here. It can get real cold up in the Sisters!!

The North Sisters is the oldest sister. She will not tell her age as many ladies have been taught not to do. Scientist feel she is not quite 170,000 years old. Now the South Sister is believed to be older than the Wisconsin glaciation, so what I have read she is around 25,000 years old. I also read in a 1987 report saying that she was active as recent as 2000 years ago, though as I have heard the rumor around here has it that activity is going on now within the Sisters.

Anyhoo I do not want to bore you with all the logistics, but our Cascade Mountains are interesting, they are pretty, and it is very cool to see them from the town of Sisters Oregon!! Though our views are ok too haha! Guy is saying we have better views for we can see them all!