Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Campfire On The Trail

mrsroadrunner A Wildlife, Nature Photographer, Oregon

Campfire On The Trail

When I take photographs I take them for me first. I went really public with my photographs a little while ago on this computer, some of you have even been with me through this process. With all the stuff I heard about computers and all.... I just kept them off the computer. Now with over 92,000 visitors to my site I think I have hopefully given people a little entertainment sharing our life over here in Oregon?

I am enjoying showing and selling my photography to the world on the computer! I am even doing photograph calls now.

When I check my email and a call for photographs come in, I think first, "do I have something that matches what they are looking for"?

Than I have to think, what is their criteria?

I refresh my memory of the critira by either going to the site in question, or just carefully reading over the email.

I type in search names into my database of photographs I have taken. Look over the photographs that come up.

Pick and choose which photographs meet the critiria.

Sometimes photographs are chosen, sometimes not by whomever. This is just the way it is. It is nothing personal, and not meant to be taken personal and I do not take such things personal.

In the February edition of Seattle Backpackers Magazine see some of my campfire shots I took! In fact if you like backpacking the northwest, Seattle or down here in Oregon, check out signing up for their publication in your email! I found them awhile back, really not sure how but they have some good articles!!

If you have a publication, and have calls for photographs email me! Never know we might be able to work with each other?

I am stocking my store as time permits. Different sizes of photographs are available, some are dated and autographed. Go on over and check that out!

I also have advertisers now. The page of all the advertisers I have to date is here . All nature, outdoor related items. Looking for something check it out.

Thank you!

mrsroadrunner store

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