Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fighting Bald Eagles Wildlife Photography

mrsroadrunner A Wildlife, Nature Photographer, Oregon

Fighting Bald Eagles Wildlife Photography

Sunday was a amazing day for Bald Eagles!

My post Young Bald Eagle was the first sighting of this happening.

After the show was over Guy and I discussed what we saw!

The only thing we can determine (since we are not bird of prey specialists), is the the adult Bald Eagles were running off their young??

Or these young Bald Eagles were moving into the adult Bald Eagles territory??

It was a show of diving bombing, and very fast get a ways. Lake Billy Chinook is pretty much deserted at this time of the year but for a couple people.

We seen this show going on above the lake, then hopped in the truck and went up to the flats. Then they went back down to the lake and we did not finish the show!

I got all three in a shot but not worth showing.

I bet we could have been going back and forth for hours!! I do not jump out of this truck as well as I did the chevy HAHA!

As some may know our chevy finally gave up the ghost and we had to go buy another truck. We all loved the suburban (we called the the Steven King truck for windows would go up and down on their own and other such things HAHA), but we have to roll with the flow!

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