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Malheur National Forest Oregon

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Malheur National Forest Oregon

We were up in the Malheur National Forest last Saturday and got a couple photographs.

Guy had planned to go to a spot for photographs where we would hike around.

This was the first trip in our dodge ram we just picked up. Our chevy suburban is no longer and we like the Ram truck, but we really loved the suburban and of course it was paid off.

WOW did things not go as planned!

We slide off the road. I do not mean we drove down into the snow because it looked fun, I mean we slide off the road!! We darn near went side ways and my way! It must of been a funny site if anyone was up in the Mauleur forest to see it!

Unfortunately we were the only ones up there or at least we never saw anyone, not even smoke from a fire. It really was not to bad. The state had just went over with a grader, the grader was sitting not to far off. Guy immediately went to the grader to see if there was anything we could use to get the truck out of the snow.

Not much was there of course, but a shovel was!

As Guy was doing all this the dogs and I got out of the truck and made use of our time. There has never been a time where Guy and I could not figure our way out of whatever situation we happened to get ourselves in, so worrying at this stage was futile.

I found out real quick the s now was deep! The road itself was not paved but just a dirt road, but a sheet of ice. I am sure the grader that must of been going over the roads was no help with the ice?

I took a couple photographs while the dogs and I were out and about staying close to the truck. Most of the time even though I am not supposed to drive, I was behind the wheel. I have been driving five gear trucks, tractors, front end loaders and such for a very long time and no what I am doing. My health just dictates I am not out on the roads with you. Does not mean I have never driven anything before.

As Guy was using the borroed shovel, I was putting it in reverse, then first, back and forth we went. After a hour, as time was ticking by we were still not real panicked. Though really I can only speak for myself. It has only been a hour. Guy went back to the grader to see if there is anything else we could use to get us out of this mess. I should have taken photographs of the truck and such, but under the circumstances this was not top priority.

Guy went into the deep snow, got limbs and such to see if that would help get traction, well it did not help. Guy also did not even wear his winter boots!! Of course I told him what I thought about this! The limbs just shot out from the tires. Guy went back to the grader to see if there was anything that could help us! A tow chain was found, but no use.

Back and forth I went again behind the wheel, shifting gears and trying not to pop the clutch! The truck which I have never driven and wont when it comes to open roads, was very easy to get into gear! Though mind you the trucks and such I have driven were the types that.... were not exactly so easy to get into gear. These pick up trucks of course do not have brownies (or this is what I have been taught what the button is to put it into more gears and wow was it a joke when I was being taught to drive that bigger truck with the browny!! The browny was set up backwards too!), so no need to worry about that. I did put it in 4 wheel high, 4 wheel low, than I thought well there is 2 wheel high and low. So I went through all these. Finally the truck moved!!

I was trying to keep the wheel in my grasp, and amazingly even to myself my hands did not loose grip! Even through my braise, so this in itself I was happy about! I remember one truck had this ball thingy welded or some how attached to it to make t urning easier, another farm I worked on. I let up on the gas seeing that if the truck shot forwards I could go off the other side of the road!

The dodge ram did very well! It felt as if some very big person was pushing from behind! It really did! I like this truck!! I looked in the side mirror as Guy was at the grader and walking back to the truck. First thing of course he did was come to the drivers side and ask how on earth did I do that? Heck I do not know! I am a persistent little turd (I cleaned up the language haha), or so I have been told!

Guy gathered up what we used from the grader into the back of the truck bed. Took over the wheel, and we backed up to the grader. Guy put everything away where he found it at the grader and kept backing out onto the so called "main" road.

Than is when we noticed the grader had one wheel up off the road and we should have noticed that as we passed it.

By the time, and the gas we wasted we scratched the idea we first had. It was time to make our way home. We do not want to get stranded in the snow after dark!

The photographs I do have to show are of the creek that me and the dogs went to, one of the English Mastiffs making his way out of the snow. This is our Poncho, you know the Cisco kid and his side kick Poncho HAHA!

I added a photograph of the view to the right of where we were stuck at. The snow looks pretty when one is not cold and wet !

I have one more post that I wanted to get done this week as well as this one, but a migraine got in the way..... If all goes well, we will be heading into the canyon in the morning. Since the road is closed where I like to go and if I am up for the hike we might just hike in. Oh it is only a couple miles in.......but we will just have to see how the morning goes.

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