Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hawk Landing Oregon Wildlife Photography

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Hawk Landing Oregon Wildlife Photography

This is one of two Red Tailed Hawks (Chicken Hawk and known as other kinds of Hawks depending on where you live), that was following me Sunday down in the canyon where the Metolius River feeds into the canyon.

This one is young, does not have the red feathers yet, and/or I have never seen two species of hawks flying, perching together before. I am no bird of prey expert just my observations.

They were flying tree to tree keeping a very close eye on me! More then likely hoping I was going to scare up some dinner for them?

They stopped following me when the Bald Eagle I had my eye on took off flying to the other side of the canyon.

On another note, I do have some of my photographs at the gallery there in Madras Oregon as of today. More of this to come.

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