Monday, February 21, 2011

Young Bald Eagle

mrsroadrunner A Wildlife, Nature Photographer, Oregon

Young Bald Eagle

Sunday was the day we decided to go outside. Saturday it was storming and just to nasty!!

We got to see the neatest show we have yet to top down at the canyon.

We seen 6 Bald Eagles. I got shots of 5 of these 6. This is a immature Bald Eagle.

Not being a expert on eagles, I had to find a way to tell the difference between the Golden and Bald Eagle and I think I have finally found a way?

Knowing the Eagles are in our area and I seem to be getting a lot of photographs of them I am now going by the beak. Golden eagles do not have the golden beak.

Thus we take this information and apply it to this Eagle. That and we seen a show of two mature Bald Eagles who appear to be running off a young Bald Eagle and this is for another post. This young Bald Eagle was found near that show. Though this one was not being attacked as the other young Bald Eagle was.

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