Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oregon Junko Bird

mrsroadrunner A Wildlife,Nature Photographer,Oregon

Oregon Junko Bird

This is the Oregon Junko.

I told my birds as I was taking care of them, cleaning water bowls , food bowls that if they were not going to eat their seed, I could find someone else to eat them real easy!

The junkos showed up for this treat!

I do my best not to waste anything and those who have inside birds know, inside birds can be picky! Messy as well but that is a whole other story!

The black pipe this junko is on is our irrigation pipe for our flowers and veggie gardens.

See that grass, we do not have much grass here so look quick HAHA! We would rather water flowers and food then grass!

If it was illegal to water grass it would not hurt our feelings!

Guy was saying how the Oregon Junkos are not going to stick around for much longer here. They are more of our winter guests here.

Not sure about all of Central Oregon, or the High Desert but here at our home.

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