Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crooked River Pigeon and The High Bridge

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Crooked River Pigeon and The High Bridge

We started out on our outing yesterday heading towards the Ochoco Mountains.

Well, as soon as it started snowing on us, and the snow on the ground started getting deeper we decided to turn the truck around.

We made our way to Smith Rock , which was surprisingly busy!

Made our way to hwy 97 and onto the Ogden Wayside, or as it is called now Peter Skene Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint (say that ten times fast!). Guy laughed when I told him what the official name of it is!

We left the dogs in the truck and headed to the High Bridge. Or um that is what we call it.

Jefferson County is where this bridge is located at. The crooked River is down almost 300 feet below. Smith Rock in one direction, Crooked River Ranch in the other. Do not let the word Ranch fool you, it has not been a working ranch in a long time. It is a residential community. Cooked River Bob used to entertain us with his goofy commercials.

The day really was not a day to get fully the beauty of the gorge! So I took this photograph of the bridge itself. What amazed me and I do not know why it surprised me as it did, I just do not remember so many pigeons!!

Ok so pigeons are everywhere. I like pigeons. Since I like birds it only stands to reason I like pigeons too!

This pigeon was on the canyon wall as many pigeons were. I hung over the wall the best I could to get these photographs of this bird (oh my we had rain, then hail along with thunder now I see blue skies! If you do not like the weather wait ten minutes it will change HAHA).

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