Thursday, March 24, 2011

Manipulating Nature Indoors

mrsroadrunner A Wildlife,Nature Photographer,Oregon

Manipulating Nature Indoors

Manipulating nature is not as hard as some people like it to be.

All plants need is an atmosphere that they like.

These are some photographs of my indoor plants.

I have the Coleus which I have had as a indoor colorful plant ever since I can remember (I started having plants as a little girl). I have several species and they flower and give off seeds which the new plants grow from. I used to save the seeds, now I just fling them, or um just let them grow where ever. They grow everywhere! Some of the species grow pretty tall, 3-4 feet. One species makes a canopy that is oh, 2-3 feet tall before the flowers and seeds come. Others are shorter. All of the coleus species are very colorful and I really enjoy them! Purples, whites, orange, reds on and on!

One of my mistakes was the Avocado. Let me explain. Guy like avocado, well I went ahead and just tossed some pits into my room. They got buried and sprouted. Guy got a huge laugh when both plants got 6' tall. When they reached the ceiling he told me I better start cutting them back!! The ceiling is around 12' !! I never seen a avocado tree and never had them grow this tall inside! One of them I started cutting back, of course this just shot up shoots. The other is out of the way pretty much and kind of looks cool climbing the one wall and over the light. I have had to pull the limbs out of the way and use supports but this is ok.

The Peace Lily. Well these plants were a surprise!! If someone does not want a plant and I am offered that plant, I take it in. Two different plants had peace lily bulbs in them. When the first one started growing I admit I did not know what it was. This one is the one that blooms profusely. My other one I have not found the forever home for it yet. I may move it next to the one that blooms and make it one big area for the lily?

My spider plants. I have several species. Solid and variegated. Both of them bloom profusely!! Seeds are then formed and if I remember I take the seeds and put them up, usually I forget and let them drop. These flowers are from the variegated plant and that bug in the one photograph I thought it gave a little more flavor to the photograph.

I can never do a post like this without adding in some African Violet shots!! I have 7-8 of these and hate it when I have to thin them out!!

I added in one of the Pacific Tree Frogs that are always seen and heard in my room.

The slug tells me I have watered to much!! To much standing water! Here in the desert the humidity can be NONE, but in the winter time we do have more humidity and I know this! BUT telling my brain to not mist and water so much is another story. This photograph brings some emotion when ever I see slugs!! It is part of nature and I should not hate slugs so much, but I really dis like anything that eats my plants!

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