Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sneak Peak At My Next Project

Sneak Peak At My Next Project. Well, my next project I found inspiration for, I am in the middle of several projects. I procrastinate. There I said it!!

I am going to wing this like I usually do when I write something, this gives all my readers a roller coaster ride for I can think rather choppy. Like the water can be in the canyon. Ok on to my next project.

I am into calendars these days. This is my process for a calendar. First get the photographs to make up a 12 month calendar. No crap it has to be good photographs. This can take some time. Time I just happen to have and I just happen to have a pretty large extensive collection of my own photograph to choose from. More being taken all the time.

I go through and pick out what photographs I have usually put out into the public to get reactions. Good, bad, crappy and delete. Some for some unknown reason I have not put out into the public. These photographs are my ones I am winging, hoping people like them. I pick out 24 photographs, double of what I need. Nothing ever is done simple, so it seams. So 24 photographs of whatever topic I find myself having inspiration for. If I do not do this quick while the inspiration is upon me..... the whole project might be scratched all together!! Spent time on it or not who cares, it was just time.

I do not do computerized manipulation. Mean I do not use any fancy programs. I do the very basics on my photographs. Sure some like the computerized photography, I personally do not like it. I figure if I can not take a photograph of what I see, right off the camera, I should not be taking photographs at all. I am not a computer genius. I am all self taught on this computer.....

Ok so I have 24 photographs picked out, vertical and horizontal. Horizontal is easier for calendars. Now for the size of the photographs. I have to resize them to get them the size for printing. Now when they come off my camera they are pretty big, but I like them 3500 for the width. I remember 3500, don't ask why?? But it works for the horizontal photographs. The vertical photographs always need tweaking. Or so it seams.

I use LULU self publishing. I picked this site for they pretty much do everything as far as publishing, then the shopping cart, shipping etc.. for me. Now most people who use someone else to take your raw photographs and do with them as they wish know fully well that you loose a part of your art when this happens. This is a huge fear of mine, loosing control of my own material. Frankly if my artwork sales it does, I mean cool and all. If it does not, oh well. It gave me something to do that did not mean dwelling on my health issues. I am federally disabled and this keeps my mind busy.The way I see it, my photographs will be left for my children so they can look at them when I am gone and say this was my mother. The lover of nature and everything, good and bad that nature is. I hope I instilled in my children the need to preserve history as well. I get processed much of my digital photography. Since I have my health problems and the dark room I really did not do well in when digital came out, I was right there!!

Now, taking the photographs, resizing the photographs, doing the basic needs to the photographs,picking out the photographs,uploading the photographs to a calendar program takes a little time. Now taking the photographs is the funnest thing in the world. The rest.... well the rest is just a task.

This is what I have for my next calendar. I tagged them with my web site name and made them small to upload faster etc.. for different connection speeds. Now remember not all these photographs are going to make it, I have to weed them down to 12 photographs.

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