Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Juvenile Red Tail Hawk Eating, A Photo Essay

We came upon a site last weekend I would like to share. At first I did not know what species of hawk this was, but with help from others the question of what kind of hawk this is was answered!

Photography of wildlife is never to pass up a opportunity, even if you do not know exactly what species of wildlife you are capturing.

We came upon this scene and I was instantly ready with the camera.

This hawk eating his meal he caught. I really do not know if this is a male or female so I will just say he.












Now this photo looks like this youngster is regurgitating. I do not understand why? But maybe someone out there can answer this question? I am a curious person about such things. Maybe this was a really young one?? Who knows, anyone?






This is when I feel he realized he was being watched by something bigger than the other hawk who was "talking" very loudly.






He looks like he is going to dart, or is contemplating it.






This is when he noticed me. I was ten feet or so away from him, so I was not hiding.






I zoomed in a little more for this shot,







That is when his mind was made up. He had but finished all of his meal. So .....

It was time to go!







One more for the road,







We watched as he made his way away from me!

Thank you for stopping by my photo essay of the Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk.

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