Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thread Wasted (waisted) Wasp

Coralie aka Mrsroadrunner | Thread Wasted Wasp

Thread Waisted Wasp

This little guy showed up here at the house. Well, females have more color then the males and I did not see another one thus it is hard to say if this is a male or female. Pretty colorful and if we just went on that I would say female?

Busy with the work that needed to be done. I have not seen this particular species here at the house before. Typically only seen them in the many canyons we have here in our part of the high desert. Though we have several canyons near by and can only assume this one came from one of them? Or heck, perhaps we now have these on the property raising young? Never felt threatened by this species so, let it be.

You can see this one was feeding on many of our flowers,going here and there. Playing with wasps is fine, I just keep in mind they can sting.... if they are going to or not is another story. I have photographed bumble bee's who acted more aggressive then this species.

I watched as this one got irritated with all the pollen and wiped the pollen from its facial area. I am sure this wasp new I was there watching it, but did not seam to mind or care?

The yellow in this marigold flower brings out the color of this thread waisted wasp.

Wasps are wasps. These are considered solitary wasps, however for being solitary I have a photographs around here of several of them together at the canyon. I will find that photograph to show you.

This photograph was actually my first experience "playing", with this wasp. Guy is my other half for you who are new to my posts. He maps out where we are going to go and has kept me from doing some pretty stupid things!! Needless to say Guy was not impressed with whom I chose to "play", with on this hike to the canyon rim when I got this shot.

Back to another one of our flowers this one went! Lets be honest, most people kill such things when they see them. I got a pretty simple rule here at the house, you dont hurt me and I wont hurt you. You hurt me and I will destroy you, your colony, your children your childrens children haha. Half way joking here but.... I do remember the stings from doing nothing more then walking into the garden from the other stinging "guests", we have here. This is unacceptable behavior in my eyes from these creatures we welcome into our garden.

This is a mud dauber flying off. This is also a thread waisted wasp. The species has several wasps within it. These mud daubers have never acted aggressive with me either, thus the photographs. I see them at the base of one of our ponds, they do not seam to like the other little pond we have for some reason?

Now this is this thread waisted wasp flying off.
Thank you for coming by and checking out my photographs of the thread waisted wasp. My conclusion from observing and photographing this species is, they are a pretty docile wasp....

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