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Metolius Oregon Community Garden

Coralie aka Mrsroadrunner | Metolius Oregon Community Garden

Community Garden
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Metolius Community Garden

Metolius Friends Community Garden

Here in Metolius Oregon we have something special going on, a community garden!
Everyone is welcomed to this community garden which was started a few years ago to help the community fight the hunger issues that have plagued the community in these hard economical times.
I personally like to go over and just see how things are growing and changing. Every time one either grows their own garden or visits someone else's garden no two times is ever the same! Nature has a way of making sure of this.
Of course being a photographer I speak mainly through photographs so , lets get on with the photography!
I like the looks of these just because!
Have some corn!
fresh beans
I have a tendency to eat these right off the vine here in my own garden!
These are good in stir fries.
I am a huge fan of Zucchini! Add them in veggie dinners,fried,salads ,breads yummie!
Rhubarb for those who like it. We even have one in our garden!
Smell great!
yellow squash or crookneck
flowering squash
Please contact if you plan to take these flowers for your soups,salads etc. Some folks do not know these are used in your recipe.
If you would like the Catnip you need to say something. In our area Catnip as well as other species of the mint family grow VERY well. Thus, such plants as this Catnip are plucked and thrown out as a weed. Mind you, this Catnip is at or coming very near its mature age,meaning the seeds will produce more and more plants. Bottom line is, there is time to say something if you want such a plant. Caution if wanting to grow this on your property!

The Metolius Friends Community Garden can be found on the Metolius Friends Community Church grounds at 575 Hood Ave Metolius Oregon 97741.
Contact Information;
Senior Pastor Ron Mulkey at


Deb Mulkey at 541-546-6109 if you would like to email Deb 

If you are concerned about organically grown produce please contact the above names. This organic gardener does not know if the community garden is grown organically or not?
Photography and this article by Coralie Contact
Misc Photographs from the Community Garden

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