Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oregon Black Bear Cub.

Oregon Black Bear Cub. This is just the first sighting. What happens in my world is, I see something one time, and after the first time I will see them again. This one was running and mamma can not be far off! More of my photography is at

What happened here is, I wanted to get a shot of lake billy chinook from the angel of the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness area. Since the roads are closed for wilderness habitat we have to drive miles up into the wilderness area on these fire roads. This being one of the fire roads. We turned around a couple miles from the sighting of this black bear cub for the roads became very treacherous for our big truck with washouts, vegetation growing in the road and the ruts were getting bad. 
We found a gate to turn around at that was closed for wildlife habitation. We drove miles down to lake billy chinook to a camping site we know of that connects to this area on the Metolius River that had been closed down due to the bears in the past. However the camping site was opened and no warning signs of bear were posted.


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