Sunday, April 24, 2011

House Finch Stopped By

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House Finch Stopped By

I have been seeing this house finch working on his nest. The female is not as easily identified as this male is.

I went on doing my own thing Friday until I seen this male land in the flowering tree.

He allowed me a couple shots.

These birds were sold back east in New York as caged birds. Gosh the 40's I think?? They were sold as Hollywood birds, or Hollywood finches.

The story goes when the state cracked down on these illegal sales, the birds were set free by the criminals who were selling them.

The eastern house finch was then established.

The brightness of the male depends on his food source so it is said. Both Guy and I were wondering what around here they would be eating to make themselves the red color. The tree this one is in is some sort of apple tree, not ripe at all. But maybe there is something within this tree that is edible to these birds? We thought they migrated south, which would answer the mystery since I am sure there are plenty of berries south?


  1. nice bird, i never seen before.

    Thanks for your visit!:)

    Life in The Backyard

  2. Thank you Daisugi! I had seen one with yellow in the red, so hoping to get some shots of it some time....