Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day In The Life Of My Gelding (Horse) In Photo's

Some people may know I have been going through some stresses. What started off these stressful situation was my gelding getting sick. When the grass is knee deep, most people feel that is great for the horses. It is, to most horses. Some horses founder. They eat way to much of this nice new grass and they go down.

My gelding did not go "down" thank goodness, but was unable to walk. Everything effects a horses legs/feet. Some conditions are worse than others. This was all my fault for I just was not paying attention. My gelding has not foundered in 3 or more years so I just felt this prosperous, wet spring was going to be like every other, boy was I wrong!!

So for a month or two my gelding had to be "locked up". I first let him into the little pasture for a test, then just yesterday I opened all the gates!! Set him and my mare to roam all the acreage.

Meet my gelding. His mother was one of the first 100 imported into the USA. His father is a well known stud, and from wild horse stock. The breeder, owner of the stud is known as the original horse whisperer. I met up with him at his ranch where I met my gelding mother and was taken around by a four wheeler with the horse whisperer driving. He has forgotten more than most people know about horses! He is also a man in his 90's now and was a pleasure to meet.






I opened up the gates and my gelding was and is very happy about it!












Both horses ran straight for the usually dried out creek bed, though the creek had a little water in it now.











My gelding was very happy to eat the greenery at the ditch,






I had my gelding since he was a yearling stud. Getting him gelded when he started becoming very aggressive to get to the females. As you can see my gelding is not just a ordinary horse, but part work horse and is a big boy. Even if I was not disabled, I am still not sure if I could handle a stud who is bigger and stronger than most run of the mill studs. He would rear up, go through fences. If he could not ram the fence, or panels to get through to the females he would try and go up and over the fence, or gate. Hence getting him gelded for his own good and mine.








They decided to go to the back end of the pasture, and I followed them.













My gelding always pays attention to where I am. He is my horse buddy!







My gelding wondered over to the fence nearest the road,











This is what he was after,



























My mare was with him for a time, but this photo essay is about my gelding. She is just so photogenic lol!











AND we all know what is over the fence is always better!



























I could not help but take this,






Than we headed over to the other side of the pasture, again!






The mare got involved, again,








I could not help but take this one,







That is a old piece of machinery that now just sits. Horse drawn and must be from the turn of the century??

Always paying attention to where I am,






He was wondering if the mare was coming, but she was visiting with others,







We were walking back to the shade,








I took this one because I could,







I stopped, so my gelding stopped,







Than I started walking again, and so did my gelding,









I got back to the shade and the gate I would leave after giving my gelding a treat. The mare came ripping up as well for her treat.

While getting ready to leave I saw this,







Well that is the end of my tale of my geldings day yesterday. Hope you liked it! See you at my photographs!

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